Monday, June 25, 2012

Be Here Now

I ran into a distant friend a couple weeks ago. She had battled some cancer a couple years ago and was doing lovely the last I saw her. So when I saw her enjoying a beer with a friend I didn't hesitate to ask "how is your health" when she told me it had returned and without much mercy this time. I think I went numb... I think she said something that I don't want to say out loud. Time seems to be very fleeting if I heard her correctly.

All I've thought about since I saw her is "what does she want to accomplish? What can we do to get her to that place before she leaves us?" I want to drive her to eat ice cream at the tip of Mexico if that's what she wants to do on a Tuesday afternoon I'm not joking about this. Though a Tuesday, might require a little planning on my part.

I saw this video today and was reminded that everyone should share their story. I am uplifted by people who get up everyday, even when they really don't want to and keep going.

read more about the project at Kickstarter They're almost there!

So, What do you want to accomplish? What can we do to get you there?

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