Wednesday, October 12, 2011

today was a very, very bad day. One of the days you wish you could wake up from - that it was all a dream.

You may be a new reader here or maybe I haven't mentioned in a while but I use to manage salons here in Long Beach. The salon world is small and intimate and at any one time I could walk into a good number of salons around town and run into someone I've worked with over the years.

That salon today in Seal Beach? Two of my former colleagues worked at. I've been sick all day thinking about them. Remembering funny stories about each of them. All the while frantically reloading pages, facebook waiting for news.

One is here with us, the other is not.

And here is what I want to say. She was an AMAZING {I'M TALKING ALL CAPS BOLD} WOMAN. I am not saying that because she's gone. She was one of the neatest women I've ever had the privilege of knowing. And I'm thinking of her tonight, her husband and two boys that were the center of her world.

I am in that same center nearly weekly for my bodywork person. I was there two weeks ago [and was suppose to be there late afternoon today] and I thought about popping my head in to say hi to both of them. I didn't, I was busy - had to get back to work and all that crap.

We must remember that tomorrow is never a guarantee. please hug your people today.

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Bill Thompson said...

Richie, I was just chatting with Lindsey on the phone and talking about blogging , so I mentioned yours. I haven't visited in awhile (too busy had to get back to work), and I found this post.

I didn't really have the chance when we last saw each other, nor was the time right, but I feel so sad that this had to happen. Losing friends for any reason is hard enough, but when someone takes them from you, it is that much more devastating.

Miss you.