Thursday, October 27, 2011

girl crushes

Last week or so fellow coolness blogger Woolgathering & Misc posted this photo along with the title Ladyboner. I think we ALL said ummmm YES.

so Monday when I read about the coolest creative director leaving her husband for a woman. I played match maker in my head. I mean Jenna Lyons JCrew SUPA STAR with this woman?

alas, it was all a dream. The real girlfriend has been revealed

original photo via The Sartoralist

ever had a girl crush? spill the beans here sistah.


karey m. said...

holy crap. she's amazing.

i had a tennis coach who looked like her once.

minus the tats and wedges.

girl crush? i'm a little scared of kate lanphear...

wool and misc said...

thanks for the shoutout!

kate lanphear used to be my girl crush. i guess i have a type!

karey, don't fear the lanphear!