Tuesday, August 03, 2010

The next big thing

Here's what I can tell you...about 6 years ago I went to NYC and had a cupcake at Magnolia. I came back screaming cupcakes from the rooftop and they of course went viral somewhere a couple of years ago.

Then I said food trucks. Gourmet food trucks were going to be the rage. Witness the insanity of food truck mania lately, to know, I kid you not.

Today I'm going to tell you a secret of what I think is going to be the next big thing.


yes, odd I'm sure you think. But they're an oddity, a French oddity and I suspect in about 2-3 years you will see a macaroon store near you. Or possibly an article in your local paper talking about these curious little cookies.

I know you don't believe me...just wait.

image via Los Angeles' Paulette Macaroon store

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Anonymous said...

I predicted this YEARS ago. (Ok, maybe 3 or 4.) I think this trend is already here. :-) I still like you, though.