Sunday, May 31, 2009

Follow your orders on Twitter

I relucantly signed up for this a few weeks ago. I say reluctantly, because I feel like I'm up to my eyeballs with social networking sites but here's the thing that I realized this week while on press with my notecard project.

It's brilliant...I can upload photos while I'm working on your projects and you can see it in action.

It's just one step away from a webcam in the studio. And trust me when I say this, you don't want to see me in my printing gear: ripped up levis, holed up tees, pigtails, singing along and freakin' to Justin Timberlake's Sexy Back. It's just one of those things better left to my private life, maybe a cocktail-infused dark evening with friends who love me, regardless if I carry a tune in a bucket or not.

So there you have it.
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