Friday, February 16, 2007

first trend ice cream trucks

I can't explain my knowing about things but...about 5 yrs ago I said that cupcakes would be IT! [ Sprinkles anyone?] I suspect that ice cream trucks will slowly make their way back into our lives in a hipper/cooler way.

With the launch of the first PinkBerry in Long Beach...perhaps the relaunch of the yogurt craze [I was in the middle of that 20 years ago folks] and it will slowly make it's way to a portable trend.

don't say I didn't warn ya.

Scoop truck via The Cool Hunter


jennifer v. said...

Loooooove Sprinkles! If only they were open more often.

Gary said...

Let's give the proper propz...Sprinkles is ok if you live west of the '212' but for my dolla, we're talking Magnolia Bakery. Everything else is just a cheap wannabe.