Sunday, February 25, 2007

A busy few weeks...

It's been busy...Valentines Day [sorry no posting, so little time]. I love Valentines Day oddly it's one of my favorite holidays, I guess the probablity for love always inspires me. I've been with my guy for some time so I don't get the 'single-girl blues' but I recall how strong that can be and so I make it a point to make something for my girlfriends. This year they got a little post card which I can't show you because I gave them all away--just a little lino print. I left some folks out this year because I was short on time. if you were one it's not because I don't care...sorry! next time - my girls come first. I did also sign up for a valentine swap with a fellow blogger Jaime from Design Klub. Love the secret pal thing. I sent her a Diva kit complete with red toe polish, fishnets, lipgloss and chocolate, and she sent me a lovely tote bag, great felt coasters and some note cards. Sorry too lazy to photograph them at the moment.

Dudes bday was Friday so gifts, food and more food. He's a firm believer in wool [east coast guy and former fly fishing guide] so I hunted down a wool blanket for his bed from Ebay, had it laundered and a little repair done. He's been doing the snoopy dance ever since. Homemade mac & cheese, and spag. sauce with meatballs. He's Italian...the man loves his pasta!

Down with the flu and some other various other things this week.

A small amount of time to work on new art for an upcoming baby shower. It's the first time in a long time that the couple has chosen not to know the sex of the baby. Hence my "little man kit" and my "cutie pie kit" don't really work. On to the "It kit" here is the first image from the batch. I wanted this to be a "poop machine" tee [image at top] but i'm having second thoughts on that descriptive even though I find it hilarious. it will probably end up more PC and less funny.

As well, working on a identity for my friend Gary. Out of all the designers he's worked with in advertising and he picks me...not sure if he's blind or dumb but I appreciate the job. Hopefully he'll like one of them and I won't embarrass either one of us.

prior to the flu A trip to H&M [finally] since they opened in LA. Purchase: [2] 3/4 length coats which I'm obsessed about currently, as they go with everything...I'll hang em up and photograph them sometime...but don't hold your breathe. ugg so little time. really where does it go?

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