Thursday, August 04, 2016

Before and After: Jami Snow Skincare

Extreme Makeover: The office version ;)

my office buddy next door to me is also a friend of 30 years. She hasn't been feeling well lately and needed a spruce up of her skincare space so I planned a takeover attack. With friends and family involved I took donations and stealth-like asked her what color she would want to paint and other little details. She didn't know that I was plotting to pounce when she took a few days off in a row.

Day 2 painting and curtains are back up after washing

we couldn't change out the flooring so we opted for inexpensive cork panels to cover up carpet

the crew eating dinner on day 1

The Final RESULTS!

BEHR paint - Minted, curtains and shelves - Ikea, Temporary wall paper - Chasing Paper, Console Table - Home Goods, the art / macrame piece is pending. I'm not crazy about it so we're going to take it down and rework it somehow.

Entry way near front door has the same matching paper from Chasing Paper and an Ikea mirror
and small shelf for clients to prep themselves before leaving from their facials and other appointments.

She was so surprised and excited for her new, calm and beautiful space. I'm so excited I could pull it off for her! We blended some of her original artwork and pieces into the finished room so that it felt like her space but still freshened up.

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