Tuesday, April 05, 2016

New Product! Grocery Shop like a BOSS!

This Grocery Shopping list is a selfish product. I really needed it for myself!

This notepad is 5.5" 8.5" and is set up in coordination with Trader Joes™ shopping Isles. If you don't have a TJ's nearby don't be disheartened, this organized list can be used in any grocery store.

Divided into categories, this list is separated out so that you don't forget a thing at the market anymore. My mom use to make her shopping lists this way and I have carried on the tradition. I really created this product out my own needs and getting in and out of the store fast and efficiently.

Each notepad has 50 sheets which is nearly 1 full year of weekly grocery store trips! And because we all love those errands so much, I made the list as perky and as fun as possible.

Available now in the shop 

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