Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Cos Stores

Today my prayers for affordable nun chic may have come true.
Cos Stores [the sleek sister to H&M] opened their online shop in the US today
before their NY and LA stores open for business. I may have gone kinda crazy
buying a few things. [I'm explaining it by saying it's an early bday gift to myself]

a perfect collar 

I think if Jil Sander and The Row had an affordable baby this would be it. Also, if you're not keeping track. The Row opened their first store today in LA. I've thought about applying for a job just so I can fondle the clothing and alligator bags [kind of not joking]. I couldn't afford the clothing even to work there so not sure how that all works for the sales staff.

perfect nun chic skirt

I'll report back when things arrive. I'm expecting to return a few things but would kind of be jazzed if it all fit perfectly. Beware if you're ordering they have a 14 day return policy. 14 days? not even sure how that is suppose to work but I'll abide.

the sheath [they were sold out of my size]

and a cute grandma shirt

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