Monday, December 16, 2013

Moon in June Press

In printing, I have the great honor of having worked with some super stars over the years, one of which is Jamie from Moon in June Press. I don't say this lightly but she is a DAMN FINE PRINTER - and routinely kicks my printing butt on a regular basis for sure. 

Each year she and her cohorts produce the craziest / coolest calendars on the planet. An art piece for certain. I still have last years Mayan Calendar up. This year, for their fruit calendar, I think my favorite is the gold ink on black paper. Super Chic

about their project:

Every year, we try to create something really special for our annual letterpress calendar. Everything from abstract tessellations to minimal dots to apocalyptic mandalas, our calendar gives us the chance to go wild and celebrate the upcoming year with color and optimism. And this year’s calendar is no exception!

For our 2014 Fruit Calendar, we’ve created a piece that not only vividly celebrates the many delicious fruits that are available to eat year round, but it also acts as a functional reference for which fruits
are in season. Each month, a different cornucopia of fruits gather together, indicating when is a good time of the year to enjoy those particular fruits. In between the fruits are leaf-like negative spaces, which we’ve turned into days of the week. The result is a beautiful patterned trellis effect that will look great hung up on your wall throughout the year, and beyond!

Instead of a traditional calendar that acts as a form for filling in your schedule, our calendar is a handcrafted art piece on rich paper that is designed to be cherished, much like a fine art lithograph. We
hand print these calendars using a Vandercook 219 Letterpress printer, and each piece is carefully printed, taking special care with quality and texture to give an impression you can both see and feel!

available in their Etsy store for a super steal of $25 for one color and $30 for the split fountain piece

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