Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Le Chop

This is what it feels like to chop all of your hair off. It's seriously fun. 

I can relate fully to the agonizing decision to do it which you should read here. It took me a few weeks to fully love it. In the second month I remembered a product from the 80's that has saved my life. Sebastian Molding Mud. If you've used it, I know you can smell it just thinking about it. And so here is my special mixture to taming the cotton frizz ball into something chic and fun:

1. Aveda humectant - they tell you just to use a little bit - I dig in with a blob.

2. Sebastian Molding Mud - same, a giant wad (make sure to press out all the little clumps in your hands so you don't end up with hair boogers)

3. After all that's in and I diffuse in various ways I dig into my husband's super pomade Layrite. He has to purchase it for me because it's in one of those "gentlemen only barber shops" I can't decide if that's totally cool or they're complete assholes but I like their stuff.

add a few bobbypins and hope for the best!

Garance, if you don't know her, is the bomb go check her out.


SGM said...

Richie, thanks a lot. I was thinking of growing my hair out again but NOW I WANT CHOP IT ALL.

Richie Designs said...

@SGM but it's so cute on you short!!