Friday, April 12, 2013

How did I get here

I've been working on a daringly different promo series for my friend Eric Hameister for the past few months. We decided to do something sort of unheard of really... and that is send a photography promo with no image but of the story of how he got to this place through a series of the cameras used over his career.

Have you ever thought to yourself? How did I get here? ... a la Talking Heads

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Photography has changed A LOT in the past 20 years since he started, heck... even in the last 5 years. Gone are the gianormous car budgets, the big show [car industry people will get that reference] and sometimes even the printing [my part] but the thing that remains for photographers is the love of the craft, love of the image, and the tech know-how to get a photo to work without huge amounts of retouching.

We're trying something different and that's always the scary part, the easy part is duplicating the same effort over and over.

 [This is number 2 in a 5 part series - see number 1 here]

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