Tuesday, December 18, 2012

on a strange day of christmas my true love gave to me...

Thirty, eight and nine year olds, 7 adults, 100 stamp pads, one typewriter and a double espresso in a pear tree.

I held an open house, field trip, workshop? what do you call something that small people attend? today at the studio. My studio meaning, my GARAGE. Since things are small in the studio, only three kids at a time could be in with us watching and then giving a spin at the press [with assistance and supervision]. Meanwhile, I pulled out my vintage typewriter, my assistant Jamie nabbed some awesome rubber stamps and the kids made some more prints on their own waiting their turn.

three at a time with Jamie - the wonder teacher.

the group waiting their turn - printing in other mediums

I may have underestimated the chaos factor of the stamp pads.

The vintage typewriter was a huge hit. Most of the kids have never typed on one!

The item we printed for them was a group art print. Each child in the class made a small drawing around the theme "winter" and also wrote their names in cursive [since that's a new thing for them this year] The finished piece was magic.

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