Monday, November 05, 2012

Finger Jello

I'm elbow deep in Jello right now. Kids catalog shoot this week. Have you ever had Finger Jello? You can pack it in a lunch box it doesn't melt. 1970's trickery I tell you! My mom use to make this for us when we were little so I called her and got the recipe.

3 - 3 OZ packs of jello whatever flavor
4 - individual packets of Knox unflavored gelatin.
4 - cups of water

I particularly wanted to make it into Mega Block Lego Shapes [top image]...but it didn't go so well. Even spraying them with PAM I had to wedge them out with a skewer. But silicone ice cube trays from ikea worked like a charm [and really are a better size for eating] I also sprayed the trays with PAM to get them out.

Voli√° mini fish and star Jello shapes. The flower tray is especially cute and the perfect button of Jello.

photos from INSTAGRAM did you notice I finally got it connected to the blog? [button on left hand side]

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