Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Art of the Letter

recently, I've had a couple of opportunities to talk about printing and greetings. It's probably no secret that I like a greeting card.

So here is what I've figured out: I don't know of a single person that has printed a tweet, an email or a text out and put it on their mantle. Maybe you have? Tell me, because if you did, I'm curious.

sending a card or a letter is a treat for the receiver. It's also a lost art and apparently I'm not the only one noticing. Today on CNN the headline Is Handwriting Dead? It's not a secret, I'm assuming, that our kids can't write cursive.

I see a huge future for these people, The Snail Mail Project, that you can have an email transcribed for you and sent to your desired person. [are we that lazy? really?]

The Art of the Personal Letter is available through Amazon and others should you be in the need for a fresh course on what to say.

1 comment:

wool and misc said...

nice! i want to get a copy of that book.

also: husband cannot write in cursive. for shame.