Thursday, July 17, 2008

Jux•ta•po•si•tion• Home

Jux•ta•po•si•tion• Home
7976 Pacific Coast Hwy
Newport Coast, CA 92657

While I'm waiting for the itchy and scratchy show to subside I thought I would revisit a store that I did a story on for Apartment Therapy. Juxtaposition Home is a store on the Newport Coast that has a great selection of new, vintage, quirky, odd and lovely things.

I'll probably get an email from them telling me to pull this post down because they were SUPER crazed about the whole photo thing. The employees were nazi's until the owner gave me permission to come back with my camera [it was because of AT that she said yes].

The store is a fantastic mixture of new upholstery furniture, custom fabrics, vintage furniture, new and old books, great funky art, lighting and odd things from 60's doctor offices. I would assume by the quality and oddness of their finds that they do some shopping in France and ship things over. In addition to their goods, the space itself is beautiful. Don't miss the giant 5ft barn fans that line the 20+ft ceilings. Oddly, I was most impressed by those and the enormous gears they had hanging around the store, some 4ft in diameter, made of wood and metal.

If you're in the Orange County area or feel like taking a day trip, the store is beautifully located on PCH across the street from the ocean, sandwiched between Laguna Beach and Newport/Corona Del Mar. Take a friend and then plan on going to lunch after down road in one of the beach towns near by.

Price tags reflect the high rent location but if you're looking for something really unique I can recommend the store.


Megan said...

Those cake stands are to die for, I may have to take a special trip to LB to visit my G'Ma and cousins, and then go to that store just to get one.

Richie Designs said...

I should have noted those photos were taken last summer? summer before? I can't recall. I'm sure they'll have something fabulous in place of if they don't have the cake stands!

Anonymous said...

There is another fantastic shop just down the street called TROVE. I am a painter and the owners let me take photos there all the time! It's a great place for inspiration and you won't have to deal with any attitude. I agree: Ideas are a dime a dozen BUT at TROVE there really are some great ideas. I take photos of the still life scenarios they create. Great for a painter. Thanks for listening.

franki durbin said...

I've died and gone to designer heaven. What a fantastic store!

franki durbin said...

I was so inspired that I wrote my own post about them. They'll have to beg me to take down my photos too (and I will, if asked)...but I'm really just hoping they get in touch with me so I can build them a much needed web site. I am completely smitten with the likes of this store!

Anonymous said...

We won't ask you to take the pictures down! We want to thank you for posting them and would love for you to up date with new ones...It's been a few years. We have a web page now of luck with your beautiful blog and Happy New Year to all.
Michele Graham
Juxtaposition Home.

p.s. I love Trove also and her "Mom" is a great painter.